Can You Put Oats In A Smoothie? (Quick, Raw, Rolled, Steel-Cut)

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Having oats for breakfast is a great way to start your day.

Oats are extremely versatile and can be used in many different recipes.

Most people like to have a bowl of oatmeal or prepare some overnight oats, but have you ever considered putting oats in your smoothie?

Oats are great to put in a smoothie because they add texture and creaminess. On top of that, it has a high amount of fiber which will keep you full for a longer period of time. If you’re looking for a filling breakfast or snack, adding oats to your smoothie is the way to go.

Now that you know oats make for a great addition to smoothies, you might be wondering how to add them to your smoothie the right way.

Let’s dive straight in and find out!    

How To Add Oats To Smoothies

The best way to add oats to a smoothie is by blending them right in with the other ingredients.

You can add oats to any smoothie, but they work especially well with creamy fruit-based smoothies such as a banana smoothie.

I prefer using quick oats or porridge oats because they blend more easily, but you can definitely use rolled oats as well.

These types of oats don’t require any soaking in water!

You can just add them to your smoothie in dry form. Super easy and convenient!

If you’re adding oatmeal to a smoothie for the first time, start with 1/4 cup and add more if needed.

Once you’ve added the oats to your blender, blend on high until they’re fully blended and the smoothie is creamy.

I personally love using my Ninja blender for making all types of smoothies because it does a great job at blending everything extremely quickly and smoothly. It literally takes seconds!

If you find that the oats are making the smoothie too thick, add more liquid until it reaches the desired consistency.

I like to add unsweetened almond milk to my smoothies, but of course you can also use water, coconut water, or any other type of milk.

To top it off, adding some seeds like chia seeds or flaxseeds is a great way to make your smoothie even more filling, tasty and nutritious.

Can You Put Raw Oats In A Smoothie?

If you want to, you can also put raw oats in a smoothie.

Just make sure to soak them in liquid beforehand so they have time to soften.

I usually let them soak overnight, but you can also soak them for a few hours if you’re short on time.

Once the raw oats have soaked, drain any excess liquid and add them to your blender with the other smoothie ingredients.

The important thing is to make sure the oats are fully blended before drinking, otherwise you’ll end up with a chunky smoothie.

Can You Put Quaker Oats In A Smoothie?

Quaker oats work great in a smoothie! I’ve used them many times and they always come out tasting great.

Any type of Quaker oats will work, but I personally prefer using quick oats or rolled oats.

The main difference between the two is that quick oats are more finely ground, while rolled oats are flatter and have a more chewy and hearty texture.

I find that quick oats blend more easily and make for a smoother drink, but you can really use either type of oats.

You just may have to blend one type of oats for a bit longer than the other.

Can You Put Steel-Cut Oats In A Smoothie?

Steel cut oats can be added to a smoothie, but they do tend to make it thicker and more filling.

If you want to use steel-cut oats, I recommend soaking them overnight as well before adding them to the blender.

This will help them blend more easily and give your smoothie a better overall consistency.

Can You Blend Your Overnight Oats?

You can definitely blend your overnight oats!

If you want a quick and easy breakfast to take with you on the go, just throw all the ingredients for your overnight oats into the blender and blend until smooth.

It’s a great way to get all the benefits of overnight oats, without having to do any special prep work in the morning.

One of my personal favorite mixes is overnight oats with bananas, almond milk, and peanut butter. It’s so good!

Can You Put Oats In A Smoothie Bowl?

A smoothie bowl is basically a thick smoothie that you eat with a spoon.

They’re usually topped with fruit, granola, nuts, and seeds, and they make for a great breakfast or snack.

When it comes to oats, you can either blend them into the smoothie bowl or use them as a topping.

If you want to blend oats into your smoothie bowl, I recommend using quick oats or porridge oats.

They’ll blend more easily and make the smoothie bowl creamier!

If you want to use oats as a topping, I recommend using rolled oats.

They have a more chewy texture and they’ll add some extra crunch to your smoothie bowl.

Can You Put Oats In A Protein Shake?

Oats can surely be added to a protein shake.

Whichever flavor protein powder you’re using, adding oats will make it taste even better.

I like to add 1/4 cup of oats to my protein shakes, but you can add more or less depending on how thick you want it to be.

They’ll make the shake thicker and more filling, which is great if you’re drinking it as a meal replacement.

Just make sure to blend the oats well so they don’t end up giving your shake a clumpy texture.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this post helpful!

By now I think we can all agree that oats are a great addition to smoothies and can really help make them more filling, tasty and satisfying.

If you’ve never added them to a smoothie before, I encourage you to give it a try and see whether you like it.

Just make sure to blend them well so they don’t end up giving your smoothie too much of a chewy texture.

Enjoy your delicious smoothie!

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