Should You Eat Cereal With Hot Or Cold Milk?

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A bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast is one of those simple yet delicious things in life.

With so many different flavors and brands on the market, it can be tough to decide which one to choose.

Do you go for the classic Frosted Flakes or something a little more adventurous like Fruity Pebbles?

And once you’ve made your decision on the flavor, there’s another big question to answer: do you pour cold milk or hot milk over your cereal?

Generally speaking, cold milk is the most common and popular choice when it comes to eating cereal. It’s what most people grew up eating and it’s what you’ll find in most households. As cold milk helps to keep the cereal crunchy, it’s the preferred choice for many people.

Hot milk, on the other hand, has a few advantages of its own.

For one, hot milk can make even the blandest of cereals taste delicious.

It can also turn a bowl of cereal into a warm and comforting meal, perfect for a winter’s day.

Weetabix for example, is a type of cereal that actually lends itself perfectly to be consumed with hot milk.

The warm milk helps to soften the Weetabix, which makes it easier to chew and digest.

There’s not really a right or wrong when it comes to choosing between cold and hot milk for your cereal.

It all comes down to personal preference. Some people like the crunch that cold milk provides, while others find that hot milk makes the cereal taste better.

If you’re stuck in a rut and can’t decide which one to choose, why not try both and see which one you prefer?

You might be surprised at how different they taste.

What Is The Proper Way To Eat Cereal?

As you probably already expected, there is no Magical Cereal Handbook somewhere that says one way is the right way and another way is the wrong way.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual cereal eater to decide how they want to enjoy their breakfast treat!

Some people take it a step further and prefer to eat their cereal dry, straight out of the box, as a little snack (I plead guilty as well..).

To my defence: it’s like a handful of small cookies, but even better!

Most people though will opt for (either cold or hot) milk or another liquid, such as almond milk, soy milk, or even chocolate milk to soften the crunchy cereal pieces.

Some people might even add a little bit of sugar or honey to their cereal bowl to make it extra sweet. 

No matter how you like to eat your cereal, there is no wrong way, just enjoy it however you like and don’t mind other people’s opinions.

How To Make Cereal With Hot Milk

If you’ve decided that hot milk is the way to go for your next bowl of cereal, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s actually quite easy to make.

Simply heat up some milk in a pot on the stove or in the microwave and then pour it over your cereal.

If you choose to use the microwave, be careful not to heat the milk for too long, as it can quickly become scalding hot.

A maximum of 30 seconds should be enough to get the milk to the desired temperature.

You can use any type of milk you like, although whole milk will create the richest and creamiest results. 

You can also use a plant-based milk, such as soy milk or almond milk.

If you want to add a little bit of sweetness to your cereal, you can add a dollop of honey or a sprinkle of sugar before adding the hot milk.

Once everything is in the bowl, give it a stir and then dig in!

What Can I Replace Milk With In Cereal?

If you’re out of milk or are looking for a dairy-free alternative, there are plenty of other liquids you can use in place of milk for your cereal.

Some people might opt for water, although this will obviously result in a much less creamy and flavorful bowl of cereal.

If you’re looking for something with a similar consistency to milk, you could try using soy milk, almond milk, or even coconut milk.

These plant-based options will add a little bit of flavor to your cereal and will also provide some additional nutrients.

Another option is to use fruit juice, such as orange juice or apple juice.

This will obviously make your cereal much sweeter, so it’s best to avoid this option if you’re watching your sugar intake.

Do You Put Cereal Or Milk First?

Even though this might seem like a silly question, it’s actually one that is hotly debated among cereal lovers!

Some people swear that the correct way to eat cereal is to add the milk first and then add the cereal on top.

This way, the cereal pieces have time to soften slightly in the milk before you start eating.

Others prefer to add the cereal first and then pour the milk on top.

This method allows you to control how much milk you want to add and also prevents the cereal from getting soggy.

Final Thoughts

I hope by now you have a better understanding of the different ways you can eat cereal.

There is no right or wrong way, so ultimately it is up to you to decide how you want to enjoy your breakfast.

Whether you prefer to eat your cereal hot or cold, with milk or without, there is an option for you.

If you want to keep your cereal crispy, then I would definitely recommend using cold milk.

If you don’t mind your cereal being a little bit softer, then feel free to add some hot milk for a wholesome meal or snack!

And if you’re looking for a dairy-free option, then there are plenty of plant-based milks that you can use as well that taste equally delicious.

So go ahead and try out my suggestions until you find yourself the perfect bowl of cereal!

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