27 Easy Breakfast Ideas With Tortillas (So Tasty!)

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Whether you’re looking for quick breakfast recipes for busy mornings or fun and easy breakfast ideas the whole family will love, tortillas are a versatile ingredient that can be used in so many different ways.

From easy breakfast burritos and quesadillas to breakfast tacos and casseroles, here are 27 easy tortilla breakfast ideas that are perfect for any day of the week.

27 Easy Breakfast Ideas With Tortillas

Illustration of a table filled with tortillas and different toppings.
  1. Fluffy Scrambled Eggs in a Tortilla: For an easy breakfast burrito or taco, scramble some eggs with a splash of milk until just set. Warm a flour or corn tortilla and fill it with the fluffy scrambled eggs. You can also add favorite toppings like crispy bacon, bell pepper, or black beans.
  2. Breakfast Quesadilla: Spray a large skillet with cooking spray and warm a tortilla. Top it with shredded cheese, chopped green peppers, and cooked sausage links. Top with another tortilla and cook until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is golden brown. Cut into wedges for a fun breakfast the whole family will love.
  3. Breakfast Tacos: Cook scrambled eggs with diced bell pepper and shredded hash brown. Warm corn or flour tortillas and fill with the egg mixture and your favorite toppings like salsa, sour cream, or fresh herbs. Wrap up for an easy breakfast to grab on busy mornings.
  4. Breakfast Casserole: Layer tortillas, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and diced ham or sausage in a baking dish. Bake at 350°F for 20-25 minutes until set. Let sit for 5 minutes before serving warm slices for a hearty breakfast.
  5. Breakfast Taquitos: Fill tortillas with an egg and cheese mixture, roll up, and bake at 400°F for 12-15 minutes until crispy. Serve with salsa for a fun twist on breakfast burritos.
  6. Egg and Cheese Tortillas: Top toasted slices of bread or English muffins with a mixture of scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and diced tomatoes. Broil for 1-2 minutes until melted. Serve open-faced and wrap in a warm tortilla for an easy handheld breakfast.
  7. Breakfast Quesadilla with Black Beans: Make individual quesadillas with black beans, shredded cheese, and scrambled eggs. Cook in a skillet until crispy and golden brown.
  8. Breakfast Enchiladas: Roll scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and diced onions in corn tortillas. Top with enchilada sauce and more cheese, then bake until bubbly. Serve with sour cream.
  9. Breakfast Tortilla: Wrap Warm a tortilla and fill with scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa, and shredded lettuce. Wrap up for an easy breakfast on the go.
  10. Breakfast Burrito: Cook scrambled eggs with diced bell pepper and shredded cheese. Warm a large tortilla and fill with the egg mixture. Wrap up and serve with salsa. For meal prep, make a large batch and freeze individually wrapped burritos to reheat throughout the week.
  11. Breakfast Quesadilla: Follow the basic quesadilla recipe but add cooked and crumbled breakfast sausage or bacon along with the shredded cheese and scrambled eggs. Cook in a hot non-stick pan until crispy and melted.
  12. Egg and Cheese Bake: Layer tortillas, shredded cheese, and scrambled eggs in a baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 350°F until set. Serve warm.
  13. Breakfast Tacos with Homemade Tortillas: Make your own tortillas for extra flavor. Roll out dough and cook in a hot pan until lightly browned. Fill with scrambled eggs and toppings.
  14. Breakfast Taquitos with Green Chiles: Fill tortillas with a mixture of scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and diced green chiles. Fry in oil until crispy, then serve with sour cream.
  15. Breakfast Burrito Bowl: Make burrito filling without the tortilla. Serve over hash browns or rice for an easy tortilla-less option.
  16. Breakfast Quesadilla with Sausage and Peppers: Cook crumbled breakfast sausage with diced bell peppers and onions. Fill a tortilla with the mixture and cheese, then cook until melted and crispy.
  17. Breakfast Torta: Toast a hoagie roll and fill with scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, and any other favorite burrito toppings. Wrap in foil for an easy handheld breakfast.
  18. Breakfast Pizza: Top a tortilla with beaten eggs. Sprinkle with shredded cheese and desired toppings, then broil until eggs are set. Serve topped with salsa.
  19. Breakfast Egg Muffins: Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray. Fill each cup with a mini tortilla and 2/3 full with a mixture of beaten eggs, shredded cheese, and diced ham. Bake at 350°F until set.
  20. Breakfast Quesadilla with Fruit: Fill a tortilla with sliced bananas or strawberries and creamy goat cheese. Cook until the cheese is melted and the fruit is warmed. Dust with powdered sugar.
  21. Breakfast Tacos with Fresh Salsa: Make tacos with scrambled eggs and top with a fresh homemade salsa of diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice.
  22. Baked Eggs in Tortilla Shells: Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Press tortillas into cups and crack an egg into each shell. Bake at 350°F until the eggs are set. Top with salsa, sour cream, or hot sauce.
  23. Breakfast Hash with Tortilla: Cook diced potatoes with sausage, bell peppers, and onions. Serve topped with a fried or scrambled egg and wrap in a warm tortilla.
  24. Breakfast Quesadilla with Spinach and Feta: Fill a tortilla with sautéed spinach, crumbled feta cheese, and scrambled eggs. Cook until crispy and serve cut into wedges.
  25. Breakfast Quesadilla with Avocado: Mash avocado with lime juice and fill a tortilla along with shredded cheese and scrambled eggs. Cook until melted and serve with salsa.
  26. Breakfast Burrito Bowl with Tortilla Chips: Make burrito filling and serve over tortilla chips for dipping.
  27. Toaster Oven Quesadilla: Fill a tortilla with cheese and any desired fillings. Place on a baking sheet and bake in a toaster oven until crispy.

I hope these 27 easy tortilla-based breakfast ideas provide lots of inspiration for quick and delicious morning meals.

Don’t forget to store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or freezer for 2-3 months.

Just reheat individual portions in the microwave for easy grab-and-go breakfasts throughout the week!

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