Does Bread Flour Make The Best Apple Pie Crust? (+5 Crucial Tips)

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Apple pie is one of those things that everyone loves (I mean come on, who doesn’t love a delicious, flaky pastry filled with sweet apples?), and the crust is actually just as important as the apple pie filling.

The smell is enough to send me straight to heaven!

But when it comes to making the perfect apple pie, you need to have the right ingredients and techniques.

You may wonder; does bread flour make the best apple pie crust?

Most people will say all-purpose or even self-raising flour, but when you happen to only have bread flour on hand, can you still make an amazing apple pie crust with it?

Even though bread flour may not be the first choice for making an apple pie crust, it can still be used and you may be surprised at how great the results are. Bread flour has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour, which makes it a great alternative to use when baking pie.

Is Bread Flour Better Than All-Purpose Flour For Apple Pie?

Bread flour does provide a crust that has more structure and is slightly crisper than all-purpose flour, however it is more challenging to work with.

Bread flour can also give you a tougher crust that is harder to slice into.

If you are looking for a flaky, tender crust that is easy to work with, then all-purpose flour may be the better choice.

But if you want a slightly crispier crust with more structure, then bread flour is the way to go.

I personally think that the higher protein content of bread flour helps to hold together a more sturdy crust, and it gives you a slightly unique flavor.

Now let’s go over my top 5 crucial tips for using bread flour in your apple pie crust so that you can get the best results.

5 Tips For Making Apple Pie With Bread Flour

1. Use Cold Butter

To start, make sure to use cold butter (or shortening) as this will help create a flakier crust.

The butter should be cut into cubes, and then quickly worked into the flour mixture with a pastry blender or your fingers.

2. Use Less Liquid

When using bread flour for the crust of your apple pie, make sure to use a little less liquid than you would normally use.

As bread flour has a higher protein content, it can absorb more moisture.

So if you use too much liquid, the crust will be tough and dense instead of flaky and tender.

3. Chill The Dough

Another important tip is to chill the dough before rolling it out.

This will help prevent the butter from melting too quickly, and will result in a more tender and flakier crust.

4. Roll It Thin

When rolling out the dough, try to roll it as thin as possible (1/8-inch thick).

The thinner the crust, the more delicate and flaky it will be.

5. Bake At A Low Temperature

Lastly, it’s important to bake the pie at a lower temperature than you normally would.

This will help ensure that the crust doesn’t get overly browned or burnt and your apple pie will come out perfectly done.

A temperature between 350°F and 375°F should be perfect.

Other Questions You May Have

Does Bread Flour Make A Crispier Crust?

Bread flour can help create a crispier crust.

As it has more gluten than all-purpose flour, it helps to create a crunchy texture that is hard to achieve with all-purpose flour.

Do You Have To Use More Butter When Using Bread Flour?

You don’t have to use more butter when using bread flour.

As stated above, make sure to use cold butter, and work it into the flour mixture quickly.

This should be enough to create a flaky crust without having to add any extra butter.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that bread flour can make a great apple pie crust and can result in a crispier and flakier texture than all-purpose flour.

Just make sure to keep in mind to use cold butter, chill the dough, use a bit less liquid, roll it thin and bake at a lower temperature to create the perfect crust.

When you follow the tips I’ve shared with you in this blog post, you will surely be able to make a delicious and impressive apple pie with bread flour.

So, what are you waiting for? Starting baking some delicious pies!

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