Decaf Iced Coffee At McDonald’s: Do They Have It?

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McDonald’s is known for their delicious burgers and fries, but their McCafe line of coffee drinks is also pretty popular.

From iced coffees to frappes to hot coffee, McDonald’s has a lot of different options.

But what if you’re looking for something a little bit different such as a decaf coffee?

You may be craving iced coffee in the evening but don’t want the caffeine and the jitters that come along with it.

In these cases, you might be wondering:

Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s doesnt serve decaf iced coffee. The only decaf option they currently have is hot decaf coffee. However, if you’re looking for a cold and refreshing drink, they have plenty of other options like iced tea, lemonade, and all sort of different frappes.

If you really have your mind set on a decaf iced coffee, what you could do is ask for a cup of hot decaf coffee and pour it over ice.

This way, you’ll still get that iced coffee flavor without all the caffeine.

You can even ask for syrup such as vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut to be added in for extra flavor.

McDonald’s baristas are always happy to help you customize your drink just the way you like it.

Even though it won’t be exactly what you’re looking for, it’s still a decent workaround.

Is McDonald’s Decaf Coffee Really Decaf?

When it comes to McDonald’s regular decaf coffee, there have been some controversies. Some say that it’s not actually decaf and still contains trace amounts of caffeine. As with all decaf coffee, there’s always a slight chance that there could be some residual caffeine.

This is the result of the process used to remove it.

If you’re looking for a truly caffeine-free cup of coffee, McDonald’s might not be the best place to get it.

However, if you’re just looking for a lower-caffeine option, their decaf coffee is definitely a good choice.

Is McCafe Decaf Coffee Water Processed?

The decaf coffee at McDonald’s is water processed. They use the Swiss water process to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans. This is a natural and chemical-free way to decaffeinate coffee. Many people prefer water processed decaf coffee because they feel that it tastes more like regular coffee.

The Swiss Water process is a natural decaffeination method that uses water to remove the caffeine from coffee beans.

The coffee beans are first soaked in water to extract the caffeine. Then, they’re placed in a tank of green coffee extract.

The green coffee extract is what removes the caffeine from the beans.

After the beans are decaffeinated, they’re dried and roasted.

The Swiss Water process is a popular choice for decaffeinating coffee because it’s a completely natural way to do it.

What Kind Of Decaf Roast Does McDonalds Use?

The roast that McDonald’s uses for their decaf coffee is the McCafe Premium Medium Roast Decaf Ground Coffee Blend. This coffee is smooth and flavorful with a medium body. It’s made with 100% Arabica beans and has no artificial flavors or preservatives.

If you’re looking for a good cup of decaf coffee, McDonald’s is a great place to get it.

Their own decaf roast is tasty, and you can be sure that it’s made with high-quality beans.

McCafe Premium Medium Roast Decaf Ground Coffee Blend gets great reviews, so you can be sure that you’re getting a good cup of coffee!

If you’re looking to make your own decaf iced coffee at home, you can use this same blend.

That way, you can get the same great taste without having to leave your house!

Or, if you want to try a different decaf coffee, any medium roast decaf coffee will work.

Just brew it as you normally would and pour it over ice. Add in your favorite syrups or creamer and enjoy!

Where To Get Decaf Iced Coffee

If you’re really set on getting a decaf iced coffee and McDonald’s doesn’t have it, your best bet would be to go to a coffee shop. Most coffee shops have decaf iced coffee options and can make adjustments to the recipe to suit your needs. Starbucks for example, has a decaf iced coffee on their menu.

Starbucks also offers delicious toppings and syrups to add to your drink, so you can customize it to your taste.

I personally love adding a pump of vanilla syrup to my decaf iced coffee for a little sweetness!

Some of their most popular decaf iced coffees are:

– Decaf Iced Caramel Macchiato

– Decaf Iced Mocha

– Decaf Iced Flat White

Apart from Starbucks, there are of course plenty of other coffee shops out there that offer decaf iced coffee.

So if McDonald’s is not an option for you, there are many other places to get your coffee fix.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, McDonald’s doesn’t serve decaf iced coffee at this point. However they do have a lot of other caffeine free cold drinks available.

So next time you’re at McDonald’s and craving something cold, remember that they have plenty of non-coffee drink options to choose from.

If you really want to have a drink that comes close to a decaf iced coffee, you can always ask for a cup of hot decaf coffee and pour it over (a lot of) ice.

This way you’ll get that iced coffee flavor without all the caffeine!

If you’re really craving a true decaf iced coffee, an alternative place to get it would be at a coffee shop such as Starbucks.

I hope this article was helpful in answering your question! Thanks for reading.

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