Can You Use Olive Oil Instead Of Vegetable Oil In Cake?

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Oil is a widely used ingredient for baking cake as it ensures the cake is moist and tasteful. 

Baking with oil is a great alternative to butter or margarine and it can be used in all types of baking, from cakes and cookies to bread and pastries.

Baking is a science, but sometimes you have to improvise with what you have on hand. 

Even if you don’t have your regular vegetable oil available, it isn’t the end of the world. 

Now the question is whether you can use olive oil instead of vegetable oil for baking cake or not. 

You can definitely use olive oil instead of vegetable oil in cake. The olive oil gives the cake a moist and fluffy texture while also adding a bit of extra flavor. On top of that, olive oil is a healthy alternative to other oils, so you can feel good about using it in your baking.

Using olive oil, the texture and flavor of the cake will be a little bit different, but the result will still be delicious!

Now let’s go ahead and cover anything else you need to know about using olive oil in a cake.

Why Olive Oil Is A Great Substitute For Vegetable Oil In Cake

When it comes to baking, olive oil is a fantastic substitute for vegetable oil.

It might seem like a strange ingredient to use in a cake, but it actually works surprisingly well.

If you are wondering why, here are a the main reasons:

Olive Oil Adds Moisture To The Cake

Olive oil is a great way to add moisture to a cake. It will keep the cake moist and fluffy, even if it is not iced or frosted. 

Olive Oil Has A Lower Smoke Point

Smoke point is a crucial factor when it comes to oils.

The smoke point contributes to cooking, especially in baking.

Because olive oil has a lower smoke point than vegetable oils, it is a plus point in baking.

It simply means that it is less likely to cause your cake to smoke up the oven. As a result, the cake will be moist, fluffy and just what you want.

Olive Oil Is One Of The Healthiest Oils

Most people avoid oil because it has a high-fat content. But, some types of oils are healthier than others.

Olive oil is among the healthy types of oils. That’s because it is loaded with monounsaturated fats and contains many anti-oxidants.

Also, it contains low polyunsaturated fats. As a result, it offers many benefits.

Olive Oil Gives Cake A Rich Flavor

When it comes to flavor, olive oil adds a lovely richness and depth to the cakes.

It also allows you to control the level of richness in your cake since you can add less or more oil as desired. 

Make sure to use a light olive oil, it will get you the benefits and richness without changing the original cake flavor too much.

And since oil doesn’t solidify at room temperature the way butter does, it’s much easier to work with when making a cake.

How Much Olive Oil To Use Instead Of Vegetable Oil In Cake?

When it comes to baking, using the right amount of ingredients is crucial.

Otherwise, the final results won’t be as required.

The same goes for adding olive oil to the cake.

When baking a cake with olive oil instead of vegetable oil, it is important to use the correct ratio. 

The general rule is to use the same amount of olive oil as vegetable oil.

This ratio specifically works when baking cakes that offer a rich flavor, like chocolate cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake or classic olive oil cake.

However, if you feel the olive oil’s flavor will overpower your cake, you can use three-quarters as much olive oil as you would vegetable oil.

In short, it depends on the recipe, your liking for olive oil’s flavor and your baking experience. 

If you are a beginner at baking, you can use one to one ratio of light olive oil to be on the safe side. 

Light olive oil doesn’t offer the strong savory olive flavor and therefore is a perfect choice.

How To Bake A Cake With Olive Oil

Now that you know why olive oil is a great substitute for vegetable oil in cake, let’s get into how to bake a cake with olive oil.

You can either choose to make it from scratch or simply use a box cake mix.

1. Preheat the oven and prepare the baking pan

Preheat the oven to the temperature specified in the recipe. Prepare the baking pan by greasing it with olive oil or butter.

2. Mix the dry ingredients (or use a cake mix)

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

3. Add the wet ingredients

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until everything is well combined. The wet ingredients generally include the olive oil, eggs, and milk (or plant-based milk).

4. Pour the batter into the baking pan

Pour the cake batter into the prepared baking pan and smooth it out with a spoon.

5. Bake the cake

Bake the cake for the amount of time specified in the recipe.

Once the cake is done baking, allow it to cool in the pan for a few minutes before turning it out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Now that you know how to bake a cake with olive oil, give it a try the next time you need to make a cake!

You’ll be surprised at how delicious it will turn out.

In Conclusion

So, after reading this blog post, you might be surprised that you actually can bake a cake with olive oil instead of vegetable oil!

Olive oil is a smart and delicious option that you can use in cakes.

It offers many benefits, including a rich flavor and moist texture.

When baking with olive oil, make sure to use the right ratio.

For a rich cake, use an equal amount of olive oil as you would vegetable oil.

If you’re worried about the olive oil flavor, use three-quarters as much olive oil. 

Remember to always use light olive oil for the best results and a neutral flavor!

Lastly, if you’re wondering whether you can substitute butter for oil in cakes, definitely check out this other article I wrote as well.

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